Karlstad University (KAU) is a mid-sized higher education institution located across two campuses in central Sweden. It offers approximately 70 degree programs and 900 courses across a range of disciplines. With 20,000 students and 1,300 employees, including 800 academic staff, KAU is organized into faculties for Health, Science, and Technology, Arts and Social Sciences and a Faculty Board for Teacher Education.

The university actively participates in international collaborations, with 260 university partnerships worldwide covering both research and education activities, including membership of the EUNICE European University consortium. Through Europe-wide initiatives like Smart Specialization, KAU strives to promote regional development and innovation in alignment with its commitment to sustainable societal progress.


Research Advisor

Éamonn McCallion currently holds a position as a Research Advisor within the External Relations department of the Grants and Innovation Office (GIO).

In this role, he engages with researchers, providing support across various stages of their careers. This involves collaboration with external stakeholders such as funding agencies, industry partners, and higher education institutions. He possesses extensive knowledge of the funding landscape, particularly focusing on the EU’s Horizon 2020 and upcoming Horizon Europe programs.

One notable aspect of Éamonn McCallion’s work at GIO is the development and delivery of the CTRIVE® program. He co-created CTRIVE® in 2012, facilitating workshops aimed at enhancing researchers’ personal and professional growth and competitiveness.

He also oversees the implementation of CTRIVE® 3.0 and the integration of Grants for Goals®, a framework for researchers and research groups to refine their vision and activities.
Additionally, Éamonn also serves as the regional coordinator for Värmland in the Horizon 2020 project DigiTeRRI, focusing on Responsible Research and Innovation for transitioning traditional industry regions into digitalized territories.

He actively engages in international collaboration through platforms like ‘The Academy for Smart Specialisation,’ promoting the quadruple-helix model.

Beyond project involvement, Éamonn McCallion contributes to groups tasked with implementing HR Strategy for Researchers (HRS4R), focusing on ethical aspects, recruitment, working conditions, and training. He also participates in developing a comprehensive approach to competence development within the university context.

Cindy Bråtenfeldt

Innovation Advisor

Cindy provides support to researchers, students and university staff regarding their innovative ideas. She assists in verification of the ideas as regards uniqueness, utilization, market relevance, prototyping and testing. Cindy is part of the team at Innovation Office Fyrklövern, where she coordinates the PhD-course ”Impact and the Utilisation of Research”. She is in charge of the innovation competition CRE8® which is arranged regionally, nationally and internationally. Cindy is a member of the board of Drivhuset Värmland and a member of SNITS ‘competence network SIG Student. Cindy has been involved in several European-funded projects and has previously worked as a lecturer in the subject of project management at master’s level at the university.


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